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CEO Speech

Message from the President:
       Time flies, recalling entrepreneurial process can be described as road is long Come, rocky road, leaving a number of difficulties and bitterness in the prosperous people of unremitting efforts, forge ahead, and friends in the community, love and support of the leadership of the company to thrive growth, from small enterprises to develop into today's large-scale enterprises.
      Tomorrow, prosperity will be more brilliant!
Since reform and opening, as the global economic recovery and China's rapid economic growth, prosperity of the company provided a valuable opportunity for development. We will seize the opportunity to firmly seize the important strategic opportunities to accelerate market-oriented development strategy, and constantly open up new product development to meet market demand, improve service, enterprising, first-class products and social returns.
Prosperous people to "green, nutrition, and healthy non-fried pasta expert" for the pursuit, uphold the "integrity, diligence, pragmatism, innovation, beyond the" spirit of enterprise, will fearlessly face the challenges of the future, with the party has knowledge lofty ideals, to continue to promote green, nutrition, healthy pasta culture and promote the development of human health and make unremitting efforts.
      In this case, the front line to fight his comrades in the market, as well as care and support quietly thriving business community leaders, customers express my sincere thanks!
                                                                                                                       Chen Jianshe