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       company consistently  use-oriented approach, establish and improve all kinds of personnel selection system, expanding the range of talent selection, the appropriate allocation of talent to the appropriate position, and strive to achieve "their talent before they make the best use." Optimize the allocation of resources to focus on internal talent for key project co-ordination configuration key personnel. Multi-channel selection and introduction of talent, and vigorously promote international talent, labor localization.

Recruitment Process
      graduate recruitment industry flourished face strict accordance with the "focus on professional, merit-based hiring, public operations, strengthen supervision," the general requirements, adhere to an open, fair, competitive, merit, ability and political integrity before the election uphold standards, standardized procedures, transparent operations, the majority of graduates and consciously accept the community supervision.
     Also, remind students: graduate recruitment industry flourished side implementation of online public move, flourished surface industry-owned units have passed the Jobs Prosperity of Industry Recruitment website, all candidates are graduates industry flourished side query information through the website and resume. Any intermediary organizations and individuals to "flourished surface industry," the name of any kind in order to reap benefits for the purpose of recruitment activities have flourished surface industry without authorization, reminded graduates remain vigilant to guard against fraud