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About us


Prosperity Mission: Dedication healthy food, sharing a happy life
     Mission Interpretation

           • The first is business areas: Professional make food in the food industry to do related diversification
           • The second is product positioning: the peace, health, and convenient.


Prosperity vision: to create billions of enterprises, gourmet heritage for centuries

     Vision Interpretation:

 clear at enterprise scale, in the next decade to achieve ten billion revenue

 to be a hundred years old, do not sacrifice long-term benefits for the short-term interests, and adhere to the road of sustainable development

 adhere to the main business in the food industry

 classical tradition with modern food technology Chinese food culture


Prosperity values: integrity, innovation, cooperation, Thanksgiving
          Honesty: sincere, true to its word
           Innovation: to break the routine, continuous improvement
           Collaboration: unite and win-win
           Thanksgiving: drip grace, Yongquan

Corporate philosophy ----

           Management philosophy: people-oriented, performance-oriented, simple and efficient, sustainable development

           Talent Concept: personnel director, tolerate the short

           Quality concept: product that is character, quality is life, pregnant with awe, the duty of guarding the line

           Customer philosophy: rapid response, intentions