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    The oldest noodles

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    Earth's oldest noodles is when appearing?

    The Capitol survey the most important part, that is, and the Institute of Geology, Chinese geographer Dr. Wang Renxiang meet. Dr. Wang said that in the Yellow River Basin in Qinghai Province La home region found the noodles left over 4000 years ago and is currently found in the world's oldest noodles. This is caused by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences specialized research institutions using carbon 14 dating test out, and the results published in "Nature" magazine.

    Dr. Wang said at the time the excavation site, "We are seeing a bowl upside down on the ground, pick up the bowl and found the candy bowl noodles pasta shape is very obvious, the color has not changed, is not blackened yellow The noodles about 0.3 cm in diameter, up to 50 centimeters, and the noodles are now very similar. Later we learned that the region is due to floods or earthquakes like the sudden disaster and destruction. precisely because such a large disaster, instant noodles in a vacuum state can be buried in the ground, after 4000 years remains the same. "Unfortunately, after taking a picture, the noodles will be corroded at breakneck speed, all within a few hours turned into ash.

    Oldest noodles where is it?

    We shot the Archaeological Institute of Xinjiang Turpan Flaming unearthed noodles. Dr. Liu Yanguo say this is from 2500 years ago, ancient tomb group. "This tumulus was in December 1991, it was found in the construction of highways, excavator digging the pit when first discovered, but also dug up the mummy. March and April 1992, we are here to find more than 30 graves. individual graves have mummified and buried addition mummy clothes, there are knives, iron, color glazed pottery, wood, etc., and even now some things you can use almost all crockery which have food, such as small Nang, noodles, meat, rice and other food seeds, and some pottery and even put it in a whole sheep in ruins and is now found in Xinjiang noodles noodles are very similar, it is likely that the existing human The oldest noodles. "

    Dr. Liu continue to introduce, in the Xinjiang region of wheat found in the most ancient things about 4,000 years ago, Flaming area is about 3000 years ago began planting wheat, Hami area also found in the same period planted wheat. But it was not the Central Plains region of basic cultivation of wheat, the southern region, mainly rice, millet and other northern regions mainly grow crops. Wheat from Central Asia and the first grapes, pomegranates, etc., together spread from Xinjiang to central regions. 2500 years ago in Flaming make noodles to eat "mummy" who is it? Dr. Liu Yanguo replied: "Most are Caucasian, not only here, Xinjiang mummy dug mostly European race."

    Crew interviewed national experts concluded that the Siberian regions of Ukraine or European, with wheat came 4,000 years ago, Xinjiang, 2,500 years ago, they used the kind made out of wheat noodles.

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