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    China top ten pasta selection

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    Hangzhou ended the second session of China Cultural Festival and the First China Hotel Noodle Festival selected the "Top Ten Chinese noodles." In addition to Wuhan dry noodles and other folk "five noodles", but also includes Henan Xiao Kee noodle, Hangzhou piece children Chuan, Kunshan Austrian kitchen surfaces, Zhenjiang lid Yanji cold noodles and other characteristics of noodles.
    Each chart launch, will rise to controversy, "China's top ten pasta" made an appearance, the most intense controversy. The list, of course, full of joy, like I grew up eating dry noodles; Mingluosunshan naturally indignant, such as Chongqing facet feel wrong for the famous host Meng Fei, there are many users have been "shocked", said the "There is no certain noodles, this unscientific!" Browse User opinion the most interesting friends all around the hometown flavor ramen "Idealists", the name of dazzling variety of noodles, hot south brilliant.

    China's vast land, food culture is profound, and each of the diet is not simply to enjoy delicious food, also with geographic, economic, customs, tastes, etc. are closely related. Chinese ideographic known to eat, to object teaser of the characteristics, the back of each bowl of noodles are imbued with the taste and unique hometown nostalgia. Therefore, stand in this point of view, "said China's top ten ramen" no matter what rank, there is always pasta get the job, someone depressed unhappy because "China Top Ten noodles" can not be perfect without missing because no one can copy your own That one tastes and memories.

    However, since it is named "China's top ten noodles", maintaining a relatively fair is very important. Wuhan dry noodles and other civil society has long been known as the "Big Five noodles" into the list no accident, familiar as yangchunmian, Sào face unexpected defeat, but this rarely selected several face recognition, are questioned center. As we all know, the northern hi pasta, Southern love rice, Shaanxi Sào has 3,000 years of history, Shaanxi noodles had more than one hundred kinds of well-known, but no one in the charts, on the contrary, Zhejiang accounted for two seats defeat the northern province of pasta, combined with this second selection results are produced in Zhejiang province's sake, have made this list, "imagination."

    Of course, each one has its own list of selection criteria, for example, the organizers called the selection is based on the nationwide degree of knowledge, and then such as "Austrian kitchen surfaces Jiangsu intangible cultural heritage", the most critical is that this times and finally settled in the selection of noodles to the enterprise, for which selected the "Top Ten Chinese noodles Shoppes." In other words, in addition to a good face, but also a good business to selected bearer, "Ten noodles" and "Top Ten noodle shop" inseparable, such as Wuhan appeared in the "China Top Ten noodle brand" is Cai Lin in mind, Wuhan dry noodles also has been selected as non-material cultural heritage, etc., and state government specially produced "Lanzhou noodles standardization go national" make Lanzhou noodles unleashed, well known, so many users have tucao apart, it may control what your favorite pasta may have dry noodles , Lanzhou noodles visibility and coverage? May have blurted out the famous names noodle shop? Therefore, local governments should increase their efforts to promote local snacks, establish pasta brand, revitalize the regional economy, local pasta to the country so that, in time, may not be selected for the "Top Ten noodles."

    In summary, the "Ten noodles" need "multi-faceted" look, do not ecstatic, do not have too much mind, but at the moment unknown Austrian kitchen surfaces won the eye, and dry noodles increased sales, showing its strong advertising effectiveness also not be taken lightly. As mengfei version of Ten noodles, Jiangsu and Chongqing have accounted for the bulk, visible today, every one vote behind can not avoid interest and emotional entanglements involved, there is a hidden strength of the competition can not, local development incentives and economic trends on the outlook, therefore, wish to announce the selection process and the selection criteria, enhance this list of gold and authority, so that "China's top ten ramen" truly, deeply rooted. The one thing all parties need to keep in mind, however, objective, impartial, scientific, rational ranking should occupy the first one.

    (Author:佚名 )
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