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    Noodles practice Daquan do delicious noodles

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    Noodles practice Daquan do delicious noodles

        First, the most simple noodles. Boil water, water should be a little more, put the bowl Haitian brand soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, monosodium glutamate, onion at the end, and then open water below, a little harder, a bowl mix. If the water is alkaline, dissecting this point good vinegar. Do remember the order of procedure, otherwise the taste is not the same. If you add a little mustard on a good small (to cut himself, finished mustard Ding is not good), sesame or peanut butter (dilute with cold water, eat now tune).
    Second, tomato and egg noodles: first scrambled eggs, add water, put the tomato slices, salt, water, open until cooked noodles, add pepper and MSG.

        Third, the noodles: cabbage, pork, mushrooms. Here, a little harder. Remove, put cold water, dry moisture seep. Fire, first shredded, cooked, add cabbage, color, add mushrooms, fry a few, add a few fried noodles, mix, changes in the fire, salt, pepper, a little MSG, small fire in one hand and a spatula fry in one hand and a pair of chopsticks fluff the noodles, noodles and seasoning mix as much as possible, cabbage can not be yellow.

        Note: a plus point when eating noodles on a good vinegar. 2 loin fillet into filaments, add a little salt with the flour and mix well, add a little oil, then mix well.

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